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Organic Works

With over 50 years’ experience in the beauty industry we have learnt many lessons here at Organic Works, but one thing we all agree on is that it’s simply not enough to be natural….

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Clean Beauty without Compromise

We are a clean, green, vegan, cruelty free, brand, making products that are not only kind to your skin but actually work. Clean. Honest. Effective. We think you shouldn’t have to compromise on clean beauty – in fact you should be able to make demands of it, hold it to the highest standard: to have, to love, to cherish ‘Organics that truly Work’.

Filling your Homes with Organic Fragrances

We manufacture in small batches, with the freshest ingredients we can source for
the best results. We love our heritage ingredients and we love our fragrances; filling our homes with the uplifting smell of bergamot and the familiar and comforting scent of lavender along the production journey has been wonderful!

Clean & Green

We also know from the years of really talking to our customers, that their approach to well-being, especially in terms of the way we look after our skin; the body’s
largest organ’, has changed. Products not only need to be as natural and organic as possible, genuinely effective and kind to our skin but they also need to be manufactured consciously. Consumers want transparency, they want to feel assured that their ingredients are traceable, sustainably sourced and that packaging is minimised and recyclable. Clean Beauty is Green Beauty.

Organic Works
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