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Organic House

Award winning, British brand. Organic House, Kind by Nature; Effective by Virtue. Organic House products are natural and organic, effective, anti-ageing, anti-inflammation and healing. Use Organic House Skincare for a natural glow. Includes home-products luxury aromatherapy candles and room sprays.

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The premise of Organic House is that their products are a pleasure to use and produce real results. They believe that natural, organic ingredients can produce real results. Using original formulations, each ingredient has been carefully selected in each product for its benefit and products are produced in small batches. Containing ingredients rich in anti-oxidants and each product has multiple benefits on the skin to cleanse, moisturise, brighten, lift, firm, soothe all without harmful preservatives, harsh chemicals, or synthetic fragrances.

Organic House – products that are not only natural and organic but offer real results. You will see a difference at first use.

Organic House – the products are healing and anti-inflammation. The range is suitable for all and all ages. You do not need a separate range for each skin complaint.

Organic House products are packed with effective ingredients researched for their benefits. Each and every ingredient in the formulation has a purpose.

Our ingredients are carefully sourced, Soil Association/COSMOS Organic certified and high-quality, giving our formulations the power to produce real results. Each and every batch is hand-made exclusively in the UK and all our packaging is environmentally friendly.

THERAPEUTIC We use only essential oils for fragrance and in the process, capture their curative benefits.

NATURAL We believe in the incredible power of nature, and we harness that in our products. We use a high percentage of certified organic ingredients and you’ll never find any synthetics in our range.

HEALING Our products are anti-inflammatory, which means they will help combat skin irritations and conditions such as eczema and psoriasis. Natural, plant-based butters and oils help moisturise and soothe.

ANTI-POLLUTION Pollution is one of the biggest causes of ageing and our special formulations protect the skin from external toxins.

CRUELTY-FREE Our range is only tested on humans. Most of the products are vegan.

ALL OUR PRODUCTS ARE FREE FROM: Parabens, synthetic fragrances, mineral oils, silicones and sulphates, propylene glycol, phthalates, GMO, PEGs, TEA and DEA.

ETHICAL – Organic House is an ethical brand. We use recycled paper for all our marketing materials and packaging and our labels, bottles and jars manufacturers use recycled materials for production. We do not use unnecessary outer packaging and the products come in beautiful hessian bags which is a natural, sustainable plant. We do not believe in excessive packaging.

Organic House brand statements
Our brand statements
“Using natural skincare doesn’t mean compromise; nature itself has the antidote.”

“Inflammation is a known cause of premature ageing; our anti-inflammatory skincare heals and protects.”

“Beautiful is healthy, glowing skin; everyone can be beautiful.”

“Fragrance is like music; you could live without it but life is so much richer with it. We use only natural botanical essential oils for fragrance.”

“Let your skin glow; naturally”.

The person behind the brand is Annie Hamid. She started working on the idea in summer 2016 and launched her range in early 2017.

She was inspired to set up a natural, organic skincare business as a complete advocate for reducing the amount of harsh chemicals and preservatives consumers are surrounded by in everyday life. She always read food labels and packaging on toiletries and worried about what our bodies absorb as by-products.

She first started experimenting with natural remedies when her baby daughter had sensitive skin with eczema which she treated by using natural oils and home-made skincare with oats. The eczema disappeared and has not returned. Some years later Annie herself developed a severe allergy to sulphates and other ingredients found in everyday household products. When she started suffering from swelling of the knuckles and fingers, she was advised by the family GP that this would be the beginning of osteoarthritis but she had her suspicions having had some knowledge of the side effects of certain ingredients thus stopped all use of harsh products in the house and used rubber gloves even when using eco-friendly products. Within a few weeks her hands returned to normal condition and the swelling disappeared. She has certainly not developed arthritis.

Organic House
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