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Neubria is a health & wellbeing brand with a suite of advanced brain health and supplements.

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What are Neubria supplements?
Neubria's range of brain health supplements offers a holistic, sustainable approach to physical and mental wellbeing. The Neubria board of Scientific Advisors - including experts in the fields of neuroscience, human performance, medicine and nutrition - have created a range of advanced formulas for mood, memory, sleep, energy and mental performance. The products have been produced in a UK GMP accredited facility in line with MHRA guidelines.

What makes us unique?
- Bespoke Botanical Complexes (natural botanical ingredients carefully chosen for their demonstrated abilities in key areas of health & wellbeing)
- Premium vitamin and mineral sources (many Neubria supplements contain a base of 22 daily essential vitamin and minerals)
- Bespoke Lifestyle Guides (each supplement pack includes a tailored lifestyle guide to support your healthy living regime)

Why choose Neubria?
We live in a society where an increasing value is placed on physical health and appearance but despite a wealth of scientific information supporting the benefits of a healthy mind, it is an area of personal health that is often neglected. Staying healthy means not neglecting your brain. At Neubria, we believe that a healthy brain means a healthy mind. Our leading scientists and nutritionists have created a range of advanced brain supplements that use a unique combination of natural botanicals, vitamins and scientifically developed ingredients to help nourish and protect your brain today, tomorrow and beyond.

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