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Living Nature

Using the native healing plants of New Zealand, like Manuka, that are organic and wild crafted, Living Nature blends science with nature to produce high performance, naturally potent botanical products, which are free from synthetic preservatives and any other chemical nasties. The beauty of Living Nature’s skin care products is that they won’t disrupt the skin’s natural processes but instead will work in harmony with them to enhance skin’s function and beauty; even the most delicate and sensitive of skins.

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Living Nature’s certified natural skin care and cosmetics range harnesses the powerful healing and nourishing properties of some of New Zealand’s unique botanicals, including Living Nature ‘hero’ ingredients Active Manuka Honey, Kumerahou and Harakeke, the New Zealand Flax Plant. All Living Nature products contain certified natural preservatives, fragrances and ingredients, undergo rigorous scientific testing for their purity, safety and efficacy and benefit from being certified natural by BDIH Germany. Living Nature also has one of the lowest, safest ratings on The Skin Deep Cosmetic Database, with a hazard rating of 0-3, with 0 being the safest and is effective and safe, not only because of what ingredients are included, but because of what is left out! Living Nature has a simple philosophy, if there’s any doubt about the safety of an ingredient, it’s not used. The company also adopts ecology-friendly practices, only sources sustainable botanicals and uses recyclable packaging that is dioxin and chlorine free.

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