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  • Jane Scrivner
  • Jane Scrivner
  • Jane Scrivner
  • Jane Scrivner
  • Jane Scrivner

Jane Scrivner


A Contemporary Skincare Range using 100% Authentic Core Oils and Naturals. Formulated for fabulous skin, our AWARD WINNING range works efficiently to nourish and feed your skin from outside and in, keeping your skin healthy and your complexion flawless.

We think if it had the choice, it’s what your skin would choose…

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There is nothing more pleasing than fresh, healthy skin looking back at you from the mirror in the morning, it starts your day, it sets you up and it imbues a confidence that you just can't buy.

Our motivation is to get you that skin.

‘I had the privilege of being an international instructor and I got to travel the world training spa therapists in the most beautiful locations. Each time I requested a facial oil to use in my training they would bring the local oils – and by local I mean pure, raw, unadulterated and beautifully textured indigenous plant oils – once I had experienced these oils, and in whichever country this was in I decided that these were the ingredients that ‘made sense’ to me. Natural, organic, full of skin nutrients and effective.

I then came home to practice in London and used these same oils in my treatments, unblended and pure and I saw how my client’s skin turned from pale and pasty to nourished and alive. This got me thinking.

Why not ‘grow’ healthy skin from the start, why not ‘feed our skin healthy’ with the product we choose to use.

So now I spend my time reading and researching about raw materials that have a great track record, ingredients that are pure, natural, preferably organic and THAT WORK. Once I decide on an ingredient, then it's time to source the absolute best version, organic, raw, first pressing or first harvest, making sure it's full of fresh nutrients to feed and nourish the skin. I don't use blended base oils, I go for 'single' estate oils and I try to pretty much trace the field it was grown in and to get to know the grower.

Our ingredients are the best I can find and pretty much every one of them passes my desk before making it into a blend – we like to KNOW our ingredients so that we can GROW fabulous skin

We strive to create the best 'canvas' so that you feel gorgeous both with and without makeup. I want you to feel 'skin confident', for the days you want to look glamorous and fabulous, for the 'just a touch of lippie and a brush of mascara' days for the fresh faced look, or for the bare faced cheek….that's what all this is about…….glowing, luminescent, confident and healthy skin ‘AT SOURCE’.

I trial all my products on myself, so if it doesn't make a difference, it doesn't make it.

Over 30 years of working in the skincare and therapy industry. Over 30 years of travel, learning and teaching has bought me to the conclusion that we can feed our skin healthy. I just love that people can use my products and see a big difference; to look in the mirror and see fresh, nourished, healthy skin looking back....that's when my work is done.

So please, keep talking to me about your skin and I will keep on looking for the answers.

Choosing core performance oils and naturals to bring your skin back to fabulous condition. Oils for calming skin, oils for rejuvenating skin, creams for protecting skin, balms for cleansing skin, essential oils for performance and fragrance and much, much more. Formulated for great skincare results because there really is no other reason to apply.

We ‘grow’ our skin so feeding and nurturing with the best ingredients gives us the perfect environment for flawless complexions to thrive. We understand how great nutrition allows our body to stay invigorated, healthy and vibrant so why not apply these fundamentals to our skincare? Applying and taking natural ingredients, with proven, skin nutritional track records means we truly look after our skin from both outside and in.

We don’t do ‘base’ oils, we don’t do’ carrier’ oils, we don’t do oils from ‘countries of more than one origin’ We do CORE oils, single estate, single producer, experienced harvesters and intelligent suppliers with integrity. We do raw, we do first harvest and we do organic. We choose ingredients good enough to eat and we formulate with quality and not on price.

We choose ingredients sourced and harvested, oatmeal, aloe vera, white birch, French clays, Hungarian muds, English spring water – you could practically eat our stuff.

EFFICIENT (single message)
When we formulate, we choose a single minded, single message ingredient. We source, track, trace, trial and test the absolute best quality we can find and then we use a lot of it. If it has a fabulous skin function then why not stay focused and trust it can do the job. Our NOURISHING CLEANSER has 87% organic Jojoba, INTENSE Oil has 100% organic Rose Hip extract, FIRM BELIEVER has 83% organic Apricot Kernel oil, ROSE GOLD has 99% organic Jojoba, AFFIRMATIVE has 70% organic Apricot Kernel oil, Un Condition Oil has 98% organic Argan oil…we could go on but the message, the single message is that we find an ingredient and then we choose and use the best version of it.

We are extremely happy to say that Jane Scrivner is an Award Winning Skincare range – it’s not why we do this but it feels good when customers say enough nice things and their skin shows enough amazing results that it means we win an award – so thank you!

Our ingredients are natural, natural enough to eat, so we do. We have created SKINTAKE softgel capsules so that we can truly look after our skin from outside and in, we can apply and we can take and we can see the fabulous difference in our skin.

CORE oils and naturals are full of the essential nutrients for healthy, well maintained, balanced, skin. Skincare is not only about having great skin, it’s about having truly healthy skin, able to fight off free radicals, environmental enemies and human induced ‘skincare crimes’ on a daily basis. Feeding your skin has never been more important to stay protected, hydrated, restored, nourished and balanced. Rich in Omega’s 3, 6, 7 & 9, vitamins A,B,C,D,E,K, minerals, nutrients and essential skin foods, core oils and naturals provide a balanced meal for your skin nourishing needs.

There is nothing lovelier than looking in the mirror and seeing flawless, luminescent, healthy skin. So that’s what we do, we aim to get you there, it might happen over time and not overnight but we aim to get you there.

Jane Scrivner
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