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Ingenious Beauty

Ingenious Beauty is the exciting result of a collaboration between Pupinder Ghatora, one of the UK’s leading pharmacists, and David Hyland, a scientist and consultant with a long research history into collagen and its role in skincare. It has taken David and Pupinder over ten years of research and testing to perfect Ultimate Collagen+, the first product by Ingenious Beauty. Winners of the Bronze Award for the Best New Special Innovation in The Pure Beauty Awards 2016 and finalist in the Beauty Magazine and OK! Beauty Awards 2016 for Best New Health and Wellbeing Product, Ultimate Collagen+ has received rave reviews for the exceptional visible results that it delivers.

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David discovered the beauty, skincare and wellbeing potential of collagen in 2003. He later joined forces with Pupinder, an award-winning pharmacist and consultant with a Master’s degree in Pharmacy from King’s College London, and together they have produced one of the most exciting and effective beauty supplements ever seen.

Our product philosophy is founded on three core principles:
• We are grounded in science. We have spent many years investigating how the body ages. From this, we harness expertise and experience to deliver a holistic treatment that can become a daily part of a wider change to transform your whole wellbeing.
• We believe in a holistic approach. The very best treatments for skin, hair and nails are those that work in harmony with the body from inside out. Every ingredient that we use has a purpose and will do no harm. If not, we won’t use it.
• We can substantiate all our promises. Our products are subject to the most stringent clinical testing process. We do this to ensure that we can be 100% certain of our claims and the benefits that our products can deliver.

Ingenious Beauty
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