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ILCSI Natural Skincare

ILCSI Natural Skincare - manufactured since 1958 - is a symbol of natural, safe and highly effective phytocosmetics all over the world. The company philosophy has not changed over the years: ‘Nature has a solution to every skin complaint’. The ingredients are of natural origin, sourced from organic farming or wild-harvested. Ilcsi products do not contain artificial colours, parabens, paraffin oil, vaseline, glycerine of animal origins.
These products are never tested on animals.
Thanks to quality ingredients, high-tech manufacturing and the company’s eco-consciousness, the wide range of freshly made cosmetics offer a perfectly natural, long-term solution to various skin concerns.

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The Heritage
Founded by Aunt Ilcsi more than half a century ago, the Ilcsi name is synonymous with the finest, super natural skin care. Aunt Ilcsi's view on skincare and how nature can help us to have beautiful skin was well ahead of its time. She was a highly recognized beauty therapist in Hungary and by the 1980s her work was acknowledged internationally. Now her knowledge and wisdom is manifested in the life of the company which is still owned and managed by her son and family.
Organic ingredients
Great products can only be manufactured from high quality organic ingredients. To ensure this, Ilcsi Beautifying Herbs has its own certified organic plantation where outstanding quality vegetables and fruits are harvested year after year. We use live active ingredients instead of extracts and the fruit, vegetable content is very high in our products.
Cruelty-free, not tested on animals
Ilcsi respects all forms of life, therefore we do not conduct any tests on animals nor do we use animal-based materials.
Tradition and modernization
Both tradition and modernization characterizes Ilcsi Beautifying Herbs. The plants that we use are harvested and processed manually, then state-of-the-art, computer controlled blenders are used for the final phase of manufacturing.

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