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House of Life London

At House of Life London our mission is to improve health, beauty and happiness through efective and innovative organic skincare based on our two founding principles PURITY and MASTER BLENDS. Combining the best of Western with Eastern natural in science and delivering the highest possible performing organic skincare with proven results, Always search for the best, we are proud to be the first to share a MASTER SELECTION of secret GEORGIAN RECIPES in Luxury skincare, creating a small exclusive set of truly unique blends using only the finest in natural, that are beyond organic, delivering the purest and most active professional level premium organic skincare solutions with proven results, helping to feed, correct and protect your skin, effecting serious change and transforming it to its former glory.

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Starting with your body’s largest organ, the skin, and working from the outside in, we tap into the natural healing powers of super nutrients and organic wild herbs. We are named after the ancient Egyptian House of Life, the royal family’s centre of knowledge, home to the frst documented natural medicines and where the frst ethical code in medical practice was initially adopted.

True purity is in everything we do. Our emblem is inspired by the lotus fower - known as ‘The Flower of Life’ - which blossoms above mud, and represents rebirth and regeneration. We go beyond 100% organic, each of our ingredient is hand-picked from the natural world and where possible using wild or pharmaceutical-grade plant actives for their efcacies and purity. We aim to eliminate the toxins that regular skincare leaves within your skin and we avoid animal testing and allergens. Precious organic essential oils are selected for quality and purity, leaving your mood enhanced and your skin beautifully nourished and smooth with a silk-like texture. All delivered through our airless pump system to ensure zero waste.

The secret to our organic blends is a very precious collection of GEORGIAN RECIPES, shared exclusively for the frst time, which use an optimal combination of wild herbs and clinically-verifed natural science to achieve the best proven results for each skin concern. Each blend is numbered to represent the number of natural actives it contains. Down to our base oil is uniquely hand made in-house to enhance our blends efficacies, quality and purity. Designed uniquely for House of Life London. Our small-batch hand made formulas is slowly steam-blended at the precise temperature, length and filtering process to maximise their potency aiming to achieve the most luxurious feel your skin deserve. We are proud to work with Georgia’s most celebrated herbal doctor, Dr Lali Gegeshidze, and some of the best brains of Western cosmeceutical scientists, and be first to combine the country’s unique heritage and centuries of herbal knowledge of botanical medicines with world class natural technology, giving you the best possible skincare solutions.

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