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Epic Blend

Epic Blend is a collection of Petroleum-Free balms with contemporary packaging, great flavours, and superior performance.

And, they had to have a smooth glide, be made from natural ingredients, and be long lasting.
Hemp Vanilla, Hemp Coconut, and Hemp Mint were our flagship products. Since then, we've added more flavours to our Hemp Collection, a beeswax-free Vegan Collection for all our Vegan pals, a More Moisture Collection for people who need something a bit heavier, and a Tinted Balm for when a touch of color is in order.

‘We design lip balm for people living a healthy balanced lifestyle in today’s modern world’.

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Dry, burning, chapped lips are no fun at all.

We live in Canada’s Okanagan Valley. It’s a unique area of Canada where the winters are dry and the summers are hot.

So, naturally we’ve been avid lip balm users for quite some time.

However, it wasn’t until 2007 that we started looking at the ingredients and who actually made this stuff.

Turns out a few huge corporations massively dominate the market. If you buy a lip balm at any drugstore, supermarket, or convenience store chances are very good that it’s from one of only three or four big corporations. And, almost all of the lip balm they make is petroleum based.

Petroleum based balms may not be really unhealthy, per se, but they sure aren’t healthy either. And petroleum definitely isn’t renewable or sustainable.

We get it – petroleum jelly is cheap, and has a long shelf life. So, from their point of view petroleum seems like the right financial decision.

But, we think that we deserve better. You deserve better.

We decided it was time to upgrade our lip balm.

Our goal:

Design a collection of Petroleum-Free balms with contemporary packaging, great flavors, and superior performance.

And, they had to have a smooth glide, be made from natural ingredients, and be long lasting.

Hemp Vanilla, Hemp Coconut, and Hemp Mint were our flagship products. Since then, we've added more flavors to our Hemp Collection, a beeswax-free Vegan Collection for all our Vegan pals, a More Moisture Collection for people who need something a bit heavier, and a Tinted Balm for when a touch of color is in order.

We design lip balm for people living a healthy balanced lifestyle in today’s modern world.

If that sound like you, then we think our balms would be a perfect fit.

We hope you love them as much as we do.

"My Gym Bag Essentials" - To Vogue Or Bust

"Top 5 Lip Balms for Winter" - Elevate Magazine

"Holiday Gift Guide: Stocking Stuffers" -

"Epic Blend is one of my favorite lip balm brands..." -

"The glide over the lips so smoothly and leave a yummy scented, highly soft vail on the lips without any greasiness or oily feeling." - Online Mummy

"I love that they're smooth, hydrating ( the most hydrating that I have at the moment ) & moisturizing. " - Little Beauty Bag

"As winter draws near, this balm will be a saviour." - Chocolate and Lipstick

"These balms are awesome and definitely pass the 'will I use you everyday?' test. " - A Lovely Allure

"Bliss for Your Kiss: 10 Reasons to Love Epic Blend Lip Balms" - Spa Blah Blah by Arizona Spa Girls



"These lip balms glide on smooth, are not greasy, and last a long time in the moisture department (thank goodness). " - Curves and Chaos

"Globe Style" - The Globe and Mail (Print)

"my lips have been LOVING all of their good for you ingredients." - Lucky Community

"Are you looking for a lip care product that is gluten free, cruelty free, vegan and all natural that moisturizes and nourishes the lips? Then look no further than Epic Blend Premium Lip Balms." - Cosmetic Sanctury

"Okay guys, after a lot of searching I think I may have found my new favourite lip balm!" - La Lobana

"Secret gloss: A brief history of lip balm, from earwax to Clorox" - National Post (Print)

"The fact is that balms have come a long way and Epic Blend is leading the way." - Spontaneous Chick

"These do an excellent job of hydrating the lips, especially the more moisture with the shea butter." - Phyra Beauty For The Bold

"By now you’ve probably heard of these since everyone is talking about them but the Epic Blend More Moisture Lip Balms are a must-have in every woman’s purse." - The Luxe Life

"I like all of the formulas but I like Hemp a little more because I think it lasts the longest on my lips." - EAUMG

"Epic Blend: Protecting Your Lips The Natural Way" - Ottawa Life

"they’re absorbed to moisturize and soften and have staying power" - Vancouver Sun

"Hemp Coconut has a very natural and subtle coconut smell, I often find it hard to resist taking a bite of the lip balm!" - The Happy Sloths

"...a high performing organic lip balm is always nice to have on hand." - Fun Size Beauty


"Canadian entrepreneurs saving lips, the organic way" - Metro News

"I do not know where my lips would be without this product! First of all, the scent is like a burst of oranges and lemons and this lip balm is INCREDIBLY hydrating using only good ingredients!" - Cosmetic Proof

"I’m also crazy about these Epic Blend Premium Lip Balms..." - My Little Secrets

"I cannot even tell you how much I love this lip balm..." - Paint Me Pretty

"...keeps your lips soft, smooth and healthy..." - Toronto Beauty Reviews

"A poison-free pout" - Now Toronto

"'s a balm you can really stand behind..." - Glitter Diaries

"...instantly moisturizing and incredibly creamy..." - Fashion Translated

" new FAVOURITE lip balms..." - Cosmetic Proof

"...These lip balms smell so good!..." - Sheer Beauty

"...This line is quite awesome..." - Bold n' Beautiful Makeup

"MOTHER OF PEARL. I was totally not expecting this..." - Kalyn Lord

"Cold weather rescue for lips..." - Beauty Crazed

"My lips are singing the praises of Epic Blend lip balms!..." - Industrial Dime Store Magic

"I have a new FAVOURITE lip balm! And they are EPICALLY good!" - Beauty Reflections

"By far, Epic Blend is the best balm I've tried." - Teaching Style

"But every once in a while I'll come across something so utterly magnificent, it needs to be shared. Today's spotlight product is a beauty essential: Lip balm. But not just any lip balm, the lip balm. " - Naturally, Darling

"I am a lip balm fanatic! I love how soft and sweet my lips are when I wear it..." - Funky Frugal Mommy

"This is the kind of lip balm that you have to remind yourself that if you're in public, it's only appropriate to apply lip balm for a certain length of time. It feels so great on your lips that you could easily get carried away. I've tried some of the other scents and they're all great but vanilla takes the cake." - Teetoo Blog

"Thank you for producing such a GREAT, NATURAL, SMOOTH, TASTY, and ORIGINAL (I did buy one other lip balm after the Dermatone, it was the best of the rest and it couldn't compare to yours!) product!!" - ANDRÉA DYKSTRA

"I’ve never used a product that’s moisturized my lips so well." - Things Of Questionable Importance

"Epic Blends Hemp lip balms are exactly that - epic!" - Chick Advisor

"I love Epic Blend lip balms. For the price, you can't beat 'em." - Chick Advisor

Epic Blend
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