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Discover the essence of Africa with the ELLI beauty range. The therapeutic properties and unique fragrances of the African flora were the inspiration for the 100% organic products.

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The ELLI journey started when Elmarie de Bruyn planted a herb-garden for HERBS-APLENTY in the Cape, Africa. Her passion for natural botanicals supported by her extensive knowledge of their potential and properties lead to the creation of the ELLI range . The first formulation was tested in 1995 and the ELLI range was born.

"Does nature approve?"
That simple basic question drives the ELLI philosophy which we apply to all ELLI production and marketing.
*We use only organic certified ingredients
*We grow, harvest and process our organic oil ingredients on our farm for total quality control from plant to bottle
*We source our carrier ingredients from farming communities in Africa with organic certification
*Our farm factory in managed by a family team, ensuring reliability, continuity, quality and sustainablility
*We combine years of research , a wealth of expertise and unbridled passion to create effective NATURAL and ORGANIC products.
*In our ELLI formulations, we use NO ADDED:
-Artificial colourants

Elli natural and pure skincare and perfume products...
are grown and crafted in Africa
use certified organic ingredients
are versatile and multi-purpose
are concentrated and not diluted with aqua (water)

ELLI skincare products products...
are based on the therapeutic qualities of the combined ingredients.
embrace the energy and value of aroma
will leave tour skin feeling rejuvenated and mildly fragranced
use the following

SHEA BUTTER- an indigenous African natural wax which not only moisturises but also heals. It contains all the natural Vitamin A. E and F for the skin's balance, tone and elasticity. In addition it contains cinnamic acid which helps to prevent sunburn.
MARULA OIL- the composition of fatty acids, anti-oxidants and minerals of this all-natural , African ingredients cold-pressed oil has tremendous skin hydration benefits and boosts cellular activity. Marula oil is pH balanced with anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties.
SWEET ALMOND OIL- a natural cold-pressed oil with a high vitamin E content which has nourishing, emollient and soothing properties, promotes new cells and balances skin-moisture.
BEESWAX- beeswax is known to lock in moisture, foster cells and protect skin from damaging environmental factors. Beeswax effectively softens skin and creates a long-lasting coating against the elements. It is also a naturally nourishing moisturizer. Beeswax's anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, anti-allergenic and germicidal antioxidant properties make it beneficial for wound healing.
ROSEMARY extract in JOJOBA oil- Rosemary extract is packed with anti-oxidants. Jojoba liquid wax is almost identical to sebum and has many great attributes suitable for skincare. It is also odourless, has a long shelf life and is the perfect carrier for an extract

Note that the combination and blend of the organic African essential oil used, differ with each ELLI product, as each product formulation was carefully developed to enhance the specific requirements of the product.

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