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D’ALCHÉMY is a brand of natural and organic skincare products with anti-ageing effects. It takes inspiration from the philosophy of medieval Alchemists - precursors to modern medical and pharmaceutical sciences. This inspiration is visible both in relation to the brand name and in its holistic approach to skin care. D’ALCHÉMY responds to the needs of environmentally-conscious consumers who care about health and beauty, including vegans and vegetarians.

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D’ALCHÉMY brings you the best in natural and organic care - combining carefully selected active substances, exclusively of plant origin, with rich, technologically advanced recipes, all of which serve to enhance the effectiveness of our products.


Each preparation contains perfectly selected BIO-INGREDIENTS, originating from various parts of the Earth, with exceptional skincare properties and high efficacies confirmed by research. Each product contains a minimum of 98% natural ingredients.

The basis of all D'ALCHÉMY skin care formulations is active biological plant HYDROLATES, including those from damask rose, neroli, verbena, witch hazel and more. Thanks to the high content of natural mineral salts and essential oils present in these hydrolates, they boost the intensity of our products.

Using D’ALCHÉMY care products is pure pleasure! Much of this is due to fragrant essential oils, and their unusual combinations within our formulas have become the hallmark of our brand. Each of the products fascinates with a unique aroma that perfectly stimulates the senses and stays on the skin for a long time. Essential oils not only smell great, but they also have unique therapeutic effects for the skin!

After the first application of D'ALCHÉMY preparations you can see the difference, and with regular use, the effects are amazing! The skin regains a radiant look and becomes visibly younger, firmer and more relaxed. Although they possess intense anti-wrinkle, moisturising and regenerative effects, our products aren’t heavy on the skin nor do they cause irritation. Instead, they are quickly absorbed, bringing immediate relief and relaxation to the skin.

... and 100% suitable for vegans, as the D’ALCHÉMY range is free from any animal substances 🐰 You will not find synthetic active substances and fragrances here, but only carefully selected natural ingredients with proven effects!

Violet biophotonic glass packaging provides excellent protection against UV radiation, guaranteeing high bio-vitality and microbiological stability of D'ALCHÉMY preparations. Aluminium tubes play a similar role: they are ideal for natural products sensitive to external factors such as light, air, water and bacteria. They allow skincare products to fully retain their colour, smell and consistency, as well as full skincare properties.

Minimalistic black packaging is the hallmark of the D’ALCHÉMY brand and a real treat for beauty experts! Aluminium tubes and biophotonic glass packaging impress with their simplicity and elegance, while also ensuring SAFETY and extending the durability of products so they keep their POWER for longer.


Technologically advanced formulas address the most varied concerns and demands of the skin in order to push back time and keep the complexion bright and youthful. D'ALCHÉMY products respond perfectly to the needs of dry, sensitive, excessively greasy skin or skin affected by hyperpigmentation due to hormonal changes.

There is no room for surplus ingredients in D’ALCHÉMY’s products. Every ingredient of a preparation contributes to its effective action. D'ALCHÉMY products are made from plants grown organically or wildly growing in ecologically clean areas. This is confirmed by organic natural resources certificates that are awarded by independent international institutions. These substances come from leading suppliers, mainly European, which have extensive scientific facilities and specialised laboratories at their disposal. These companies have been conducting research for years on the safety and effectiveness of supplied raw materials, and the process of obtaining them is subject to rigorous control.

D'ALCHÉMY attaches great importance to both the origin of the plants used in our formulations, and the treatment processes they undergo. Thanks to modern technologies and strict control of all parameters, you do not need to affect the plants with chemicals, because excellent results are obtained mostly due to physical processes such as pressing, filtration, distillation or drying. Naturally, these processes do not alter the valuable properties of plants, they only strengthen and condense them.

D'ALCHÉMY products are created in accordance with standards developed by international organisations that certify natural and organic cosmetics. These standards specify lists of ingredients that companies applying for organic or natural certification may use. Before the innovative D'ALCHÉMY preparations go on sale, they undergo a series of laboratory and safety tests.

D’ALCHÉMY’s products are free from any synthetic ingredients and the preservatives used in its formulas are ECOCERT-certified and specifically recommended for natural skincare products as they are recognized as substances identical to those which occur in nature. D’ALCHÉMY’s products do not contain: Parabens, Phthalates, Sulfates (SLS/SLES), Mineral Oils, Petrolatum, Paraffin, Silicones, Lanolin, Glicols (PEG), MEA/DEA/TEA, PABA, Synthetic Dyes, Synthetic Fragrances, Animal By-ingredients.


D’ALCHÈMY uses three basic types of packaging: biophotonic glass, aluminium tubes and PET bottles. Each of these materials is biodegradable, which is very important to the brand and its eco-friendly ethos.

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