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By Sarah

2018 Award-Winning Skincare | Pioneering Upfront Labelling. BY SARAH has a bold and empowering mission of bringing greater clarity, transparency and simplicity to skin care, by detailing a full ingredient list on the front label of each of their products. Founded and run by two sisters, Sarah and Lauren, they are committed to using only the finest natural and organic, plant-based ingredients to create beautiful skin care suited to all skin types, and both men and women. Their Organic Facial Oil is the Winner of The Best New Skincare Product Launch 2018 by The Beauty Shortlist. As featured in Grazia, Marie Claire, Elle, Stylist, Refinery 29, The Guardian, Fabric Magazine - and more! Certified vegan and cruelty free products in the collection.

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BY SARAH was founded in November 2017 to bring clarity, transparency and simplicity to skincare. Their mission is rooted in three unwavering beliefs, which guide and inspire them to create the skincare you’ll love to use:

1. Pioneering Upfront Labelling: detailing a full ingredient list on the front label of each BY SARAH product.

2. Highest-Quality, Natural And Organic, Ethically-Sourced Ingredients: using only natural and organic, plant-based oils, clays and minerals from the earth and seas.

3. Consciously Designed For You And The Environment: creating skin care for both men and women and all skin types, that is manufactured in England with minimal packaging and recyclable materials.

BY SARAH was founded by Sarah Murrell and is run with her sister, Lauren Murrell. Sarah’s inspiration and motivation to help us all make natural, organic skin care and wellness choices began with Lauren’s recovery from leukaemia in 2012. While searching for gentle, natural and organic products - those that would soothe and nourish her sister’s sensitive skin - she found a problem. It was impossible to tell what was in the products. Even many natural and organic ranges had long, cryptic ingredient lists and sometimes confusing and misleading labelling.

So Sarah decided to hand-blend her own products from carefully-curated, organic and sustainably-sourced plant-based ingredients, so that she knew exactly what was in them. Sarah became an expert in blending an exact balance of plant-based oils to provide deep hydration and nourishment. The finest of her blends have become BY SARAH - natural and organic skin care that puts clarity first. Sarah continues to develop new products and grow the BY SARAH product range.

Sarah spent over 10 years in branding and communications, working for the world's leading beauty and lifestyle brands. Lauren joined BY SARAH at the launch and began her career as an investment funds lawyer working in London, New York and the Caribbean.

By Sarah
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