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Organic cosmetics made in Italy, certified by Ecocert. BeOnMe was born from the desire to develop the pure, natural and organic cosmetics that people need, to satisfy the desires in particular of those who choose only cosmetics without synthetic ingredients, allergens and components of animal origin.

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When a few years ago Yvonne, the inspirer and founder of the BeOnMe brand, decided to start with the self-production of her cosmetics, she was coming from a history of heavy allergic dermatitis to which no specialist was been able to find a remedy. Particularly around the eyes and eyelids the skin was so inflamed that it broke and bleed.

Desperate but determined, she started then from her philosophy of life, as a nature lover and a convinced vegetarian, and started to take an interest in do-it-yourself cosmetics based on natural and organic ingredients.

It took months of study, application and patience, but then its history and its natural and organic cosmetics began to have some success among friends and acquaintances.

At that point Massimo, his life partner and co-founder of BeOnMe, with an entrepreneurial past in the world of information technology and an ecological, ethical and social sensitivity gained over the years, began to dream big and in a few months the BeOnMe brand is been born.

The brand name together with the "skincare for nature lovers" tageline are a promise to those who try to act daily without compromise, moving with light steps to reduce the impact of their actions on natural ecosystems.

But to give life to your ideal values, it is necessary to know how to transform them into concrete choices and it is from this awareness that derive the six pillars of the brand, those that guide the development of all products that must be:

• Organic certificated
• 100% vegan
• Pure on your skin
• With green formulations
• With minimal and recyclable packaging

and those that drive also the company's philosophy, in fact BeOnMe has chosen to adopt specific standards of conduct and to act in every ambit as an ethic company.

And so really from their passions were born the first lines of products: the sports line, aimed at those who love sports and seeks the best for body care even in the most intense moments, and the tattoo line, made for tattoo professionals and for those who like to wear their artworks, the first of that kind to obtain the organic certification from Ecocert®.
Then the lines for hair, face and body arrived, while the new anti-aging line and the shape line are now being developed.

“Those who love nature, love taking care of themselves and sharing with others their best experiences.
We don’t expect to save the world by choosing to use only natural, organic raw materials, but we want to do our part alongside all those who have chosen this path and all those who make their best every day to live with a healthy, ethical, and responsible style of living.
We are driven to do this from our sincerest passions which are guiding us each and every day. We love nature and wholesome food; we love animals and life in the great outdoors; we love travel, art, and every expression of our most human emotions, seeking our own happiness and often finding it in the smallest of things.
Having it experienced ourselves, we know how difficult is or even impossible at times to identify the causes of certain reactions and to correct their physical consequences, which can be a source of stress and ongoing discomfort.
We hope you can find useful our products and love them like we do.”

Yvonne & Massimo

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