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Awake your natural beauty and inner light!

Natural cosmetics with the power of organic herbs, oils and active ingredients for beneficial and visible results.
Change your daily beauty routine with conscious choices for whole-body health and in an environmentally friendly manner.

AYAN® means light. Our products strive to awaken our inner light, which let us shine from inside out. We believe that our beauty reflects our inner vibrant health, which is a combination of loving connection with our deep inner self, the conscious choices we make and our attitude towards the people around us and nature. Therefore, our organic and effective formulations help the body to awaken its natural health and charm.

AYAN® product quality commitment is a promise to never use aggressive ingredients, fillers, thickeners, harmful preservatives, genetically-modified and animal-derived ingredients, synthetic chemicals and fragrances or colorants.

AYAN® products follow the simple principle that with minimal ingredients we can achieve maximum synergy and to stimulate the body’s self-balancing processes towards natural health from within.

“AYAN® strives to make natural cosmetic products while making sure that the best qualities of each ingredient are combined for the most efficient and nourishing results. Because natural cosmetic is the “new” food for our skin and hair.” - YANA, Founder and Chief Creative of AYAN®

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AYAN® generates an impulse to change our attitude towards the ingredients of the cosmetic products we use because they are as important as what we eat.

AYAN® natural cosmetic products are made with certified organic ingredients which are from high quality, natural, safe and ecologically friendly. Our products are made fresh and in small batches in a certified laboratory to preserve their active botanical properties and the processing methods ensure that the active vital life force of the plant is not destroyed by heat or over-processing.

AYAN® lavender fields are located in the Valley of the Thracian Kings situated in South Bulgaria. The hilly location and south facing allow the sunshine to reach and provide the needed warmth for the plants. We choose sustainable practices whenever possible and we use the latest and most effective methods in agricultural operations practices to cultivate our plants in an all-natural environment. We believe in the benefits of the natural products and therefore AYAN® lavender oil is 100% organic and certified. Our lavender fields are most photographed for different photoshoots by famous Bulgarian photographers, designers for presenting their fashion labels, by book writers and travel blogger.

AYAN® Lavender is our first cosmetic line for body and hair, enriched with finest lavender oil directly from our breath-taking lavender fields. AYAN® Lavender products are designed to awaken your mind, indulge your senses and illuminate your skincare ritual.

AYAN® Ageless Drops is high concentrated face care to prevent ageing of the skin and to nourish it with an active seed oils combination.

AYAN® Baby Care is our cosmetic line for babies with baby body care products with a clear conscience.

AYAN® Rosa Damascena is our cosmetic line formulated with premium quality certified organic rose oil.

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