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  • Atlantis Skincare
  • Atlantis Skincare

Atlantis Skincare

Atlantis Skincare is a luxurious freshly handmade 100% natural skincare brand, safety assessed and EU certified, based in the UK. We create freshly handmade face care and body care products that transform your simple everyday beauty rituals into deeply therapeutic experiences.
Atlantis skincare is handmade in micro-batches at a privately owned facility to ensure freshness and efficiency of the highest grade.

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We choose only high quality natural and where possible organic ingredients, carefully researched and selected for their nutritive properties. Each ingredient plays its specific role in the final composition working in synergy with others to achieve more effective result.

All our products are Free From: parabens, silicones, mineral oils, petrolatum, PEG based ingredients, synthetic colours and fragrances, phthalates

Our promise:
- we make our products fresh for each order
- we practice sustainable sourcing
- we use only naturally sourced ingredients
- we use organic ingredients where possible
- we never use water as an ingredient
- vegetarian, where possible vegan friendly
- we produce some ingredients ourselves to ensure highest quality possible
- cruelty free - never tested on animals

Atlantis Skincare
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