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Apple & Bears

APPLE & BEARS invite you to discover the power and purity of nature with our exclusive Luxury Body Care Collection – created for today’s ethical man and woman.

Made in the United Kingdom, our environmentally friendly collection promotes a healthy skin and planet by using the finest sustainably sourced and Eco-certified natural and organic ingredients that harness the healing powers of nature, whilst remaining true and gentle to your skin.

Pure, natural extracts and gentle aromas cleanse, nurture and nourish your skin for an indulging and renewing body care experience.

Our natural and organic ingredients produce a pure blend that cleanses impurities gently and effectively, nourishes the skin delicately and naturally, whilst revitalising the senses with a full and luxurious foam and cream.

Welcome to APPLE & BEARS and our truly pure and luxurious body care collection.

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Our Beginning:

APPLE & BEARS started with a strikingly simple question, “Why don’t we make a truly good product, which helps make a difference to people’s lives?”

Before founding the company in 2011, Kay dedicated herself to volunteering for Breast Cancer Care and other charities, while Dean was helping an overseas company import their line of beauty products into Europe. Dismayed to discover that the “all-natural” promises on their labels didn’t live up to what was actually in the bottles, Dean had a crisis of conscience and left the position.

As they debated what to do next, Kay asked the fateful question “Why don’t we make a truly good product, which helps make a difference to people’s lives?”

APPLE & BEARS was their answer – a line of luxury cosmetics, made from natural and organic ingredients, which donates a portion of profits to worthy causes.

We believe the results are very good indeed.

Mermaid And Koi Logo:

The Mermaids represent a graceful, loving and carefree being, true of heart and free to a life of adventure. The Koi fish is revered for courage and perseverance - the ability to express levels of strength and determination and a symbolism for those who have made it through tough times.

Our product labels are truthful, simple and transparent without misleading the consumer. The materials used for our bottles are safe and recyclable, which break
down naturally over a period of time.

Our Products are:

- Extracts from real fruit and flowers
- Paraben and SLS free
- 100% free from animal testing
- Socially responsible and ethically bound
- Suitable for Vegans and Vegetarians where stated.

Apple & Bears
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