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Neubria Edge 60 capsules
  • Neubria edge 60 capsules
  • Neubria edge 60 capsules
  • Neubria edge 60 capsules

Neubria Edge 60 capsules



Size: 60 caps
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Crystal Clear Thinking. Neubria Edge is a brain health supplement formulated to improve mental performance and focus. Neubria Edge contains our innovative Mastermind Botanical Complex, a cutting-edge blend of seven potent botanical ingredients that have been carefully chosen for their ability to boost mental performance. The complex includes Bacopa Monniera Extract, Ashwagandha Root Extract and Ginkgo Biloba Extract among others - all of which are known to improve concentration and ultimately reach your goals.

In addition to the unique botanical complex our expert formulators have included vitamins Cognizin®, Co Enzyme Q10, Lutein and Zeaxanthin. Clinically tested for their effectiveness, Cognizin®, along with Co Enzyme Q10, supplies your brain with the energy it needs to keep you feeling sharp. Lutein and Zeaxanthin are thought to improve vision, by filtering out harmful UV rays. We’ve also given Neubria Edge a further boost by adding 22 vitamins and minerals, essential for keeping your body healthy and running at full speed.

How to use Neubria Edge 60 capsules

We advise that you take 2 capsules daily and follow the tips in our FREE guide, included with your capsules. Within a month, some customers will see a difference in their performance but we do advise that the longer you take it, the sharper your performance will be.

Ingredients in Neubria Edge 60 capsules

NUTRITIONAL LABEL - TWO CAPSULES PROVIDE: IngredientTypeAmount Vitamin A 400mcg RE Vitamin D 30mcg Vitamin E 18mga-TE Vitamin K2 90mg Vitamin C 80mg Thiamin Vitamin B1 4.2mg Riboflavin Vitamin B2 4.8mg Niacin Vitamin B3 20mg Vitamin B6 6mg Folic Acid 600mcg Vitamin B12 9mcg Biotin 50mcg Pantothenic Acid Vitamin B5 18mg IngredientTypeAmount Zinc 20mg Selenium 55mcg Chromium 40mcg Iron 14mg Manganese 2mg Magnesium 58mg Copper 1mg Molybdenum 50mcg Iodine 150mcg Cognizin 40mg Co-enzyme q 10 25mg Lutein 10mg Zeaxanthin 2mg Mastermind Botanical Complex*** 435mg ***Consisting of Bacopa Monniera (4:1) Extract; Ahwagandha (5:1) Root Extract; Rhodiola Rosea (5:1) Extract; Ginkgo Biloba 50:1 Extract; Rosemary Leaf (10:1) Extract; Sage (5:1) Extract; Blueberry (10:1) Extract.

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